Master in Biomedical Engineering

General Information

A few words about our master's program

A specialized master's program like Biomedical Engineering has no bachelor course of studies as a precursor. Admission is granted to applicants coming from various fields of study. Students will apply their previously acquired knowledge and abilities to fully integrate the highly interdisciplinary subject matter.

While working on their master's theses, students have the choice to either participate in the development of medical devices, or to collaborate in a basic research project. The pursuit of a Ph.D. degree, e.g. in the context of a graduate program at the University of Bern, is possible in both cases. Graduates of the master's program can, therefore, choose freely whether they want to pursue a career in the medical engineering industry or the scientific community.

Career prospects in both industrial and academic environments are excellent. All participating institutions are highly networked with the medical engineering profession and the University Hospital Bern (Inselspital).


The chance to get to know us

The Biomedical Engineering Day is a career and research day. It takes places every year and is an excellent opportunity to meet the biomedical engineers of the University of Bern and our partner the Bern University of Applied Sciences. In addition, you can find out about future options for BME students in research or the industry. The next BME Day will take place on May 27, 2016. Take the time to find out about the details!