Beatrice Minder is a librarian. She began her work at the Social and Preventive Medical Library at the University of Bern in 2007. There she procures scientific literature for research teams at the ISPM, teaches information literacy skills, and trains undergraduate medical students, MPH and PhD students in the use of medical databases. Mrs. Minder has an M.A. in Secondary Education (University of Bern, 1992). She was an information specialist in the information and documentation service of Novartis Pharma Schweiz in Bern, where she worked for ten years. There she gained the necessary skills to carry out systematic literature searches in medical databases. In 2004, she joined the federal Office of Public Health, where she earned her qualification as an online editor. At the OPH, she used the Imperia content-management system to edit and administer a public portal on transplantation medicine.

Courses in the BME Master's Program