Prof. Dr. Norman Baier

Bern University of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Information Technology

+41 34 426 68 42
Postal Address
Jlcoweg 1
3400 Burgdorf
Norman Urs Baier is professor for Control Systems and Mechatronics at the Bern University of Applied Sciences. He studied Electrical Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne. At the same institution he did research on signal processing with biologically inspired models. His work empirically showed the capability of neural networks to identify and mimic time series generated from other dynamic and even stochastic systems. Furthermore, the identified models could be used in a novel classification framework. For this work he received the Dr. ès Sciences Techniques.
After his studies he held positions at EPO, the European Patent Office, Teseq, a leading provider of EMC test equipment, and Trimerics, the electro-magnetic competence centre of the AVL group. Most notably, he was responsible for the control engineering at Sputnik Engineering, where he used latest control theory approaches to stabilise classic PWM inverter topologies connected in parallel.

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