Nathan Gyger, BME student

Nathan works as research assistant at ARTORG

"I was looking for an interdisciplinary curriculum that would not only focus on technical challenges, but also include human aspects."

How did you get interested in biomedical engineering?

I was looking for an interdisciplinary curriculum that would not only focus on technical challenges, but also include human aspects as well. I also hoped to get practical insights into the medical field, and biomedical engineering proved to be the right choice so far.

How did you come to know about the BME Master’s program?

I learnt about the BME Master’s program online at the time of choosing my Bachelor’s in micro- and medical technologies. 

Why did you choose this program among others?

The flexibility of the program convinced me, with the appropriate balance between mandatory and optional courses was certainly motivating. The fact that it was available for students coming from universities of applied sciences was also key in my decision to continue with the BME program.

What are the strengths of the program?

Interdisciplinarity, both from the range of topics covered within the courses, as from the diversity of backgrounds of the students joining the program. The possibility for students from university of applied sciences to set foot into a more academic environment without additional requirement is a real plus as well.

Where do you work and how is this experience?

I worked as a research assistant for the Bern University of Applied Sciences, and now for the ARTORG Center within the Gerontology and Rehabilitation group. This gives me the opportunity to apply the topics taught within the BME courses, as well as to strengthen other engineering skills. Having some financial independence is a non-negligible aspect as well.

What is your career plan after graduation?

I’d like to begin my career in the biomedical industry, ideally in a R&D department.

Have you discovered anything new about Bern?

Coming from the Neuchâtel area, I knew the city a bit already, but it’s only recently that I discovered the Buskers festival with its street shows all over the old town. I heard that the Zibelemärit is also a must, but I have not had the opportunity to go yet.

Share one special experience!

In one of the courses, we had the opportunity to follow surgeons in the operating room to witness a few orthopedic procedures. It was a fascinating experience to stand there and to ask questions to the operating team as they were working. We also came to realize that the job of an orthopedic surgeon is sometimes not so far from that of a mechanic!

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